Accounting Service Package

Bookkeeping package

  • Accounting software
  • Collation of all accounts (you only need to provide us with Bank Statements and related receipts and dockets)
  • You can use the software provided by us to issue Payslips and Payment Summaries to employees
  • Communication to the tax office to resolve GST related auditing

Tax return package includes:

  • Quarterly business activity statement for four quarters
  • Annual tax return
  • Annual accounting statements
  • Director’s individual tax return (PAYG SUMMARY ONLY)

Accounting Services Package Price

* Prices vary depending on company annual turnovers
* The following prices are yearly prices inclusive of GST

Benefits of bookkeeping by yourself

  • Better understanding of your business profitability
  • Using the software to issue invoices
  • Recording of receivables and payables
  • Generating a variety of business reports using the software on a weekly or even daily basis
  • Savings on the yearly bookkeeping cost

Tax Service Package

We provide our customers with a wide range of tax services, including:

Individual Tax Services
Non-taxable income lodgement
Normal individual tax return (salary + bank interests + work related expenses)
Normal individual tax return + one investment property
Personal Tax Planning (investment property, negative gearing, etc.)
Corporate Tax Services
ABN application (inclusive of GST and employee PAYG application)
Business Name Application
Company superannuation account application
Employee workcover application
Quarterly superannuation contributions
Employee workcover application
A range of corporate tax planning
Corporate / Trust yearly financial statements and tax returns

ASIC Services

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent government department responsible for regulating company and financial practice laws in order to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors.

Each year, the ASIC sends annual renewal notices to businesses that the businesses need to confirm their company details and pay for the yearly registration fee. As a part of this, company directors need to sign off on a Solvency Resolution proving the company’s ability to meet all obligations as of the date of the resolution.

Most importantly, changes to company registration details must be reported to the ASIC within 28 days. The following are a few forms commonly submitted by small and medium companies:

  • Change of the registered address of the company
  • Change of the business address of the company
  • Change of the name of the company
  • Appointment and removal of company directors
  • Issurance and transfer of shares of the company
  • Cancellation of company registration

As a registered ASIC agent, Parkson provides the following services and fee schedule (inclusive of government charges and GST):

Receiving the annual renewal notice on behalf of you and preparing the Solvency Resolution for you
Change of company name
Change of registered address
Change of business address
Change of director’s address
Change of shareholder’s address
Appointment of directors
Removal of directors
Transfer of company shares
Cancellation of company registration

Company and Trust registration in Australia

Company and Trust registration in Australia

Parkson is a Registered ASIC Agent.

Our system is directly linked to the ASIC’s system. Once you have signed the relevant documents, we can immediately help you successfully register a company without having to wait.

Cost of incorporating a company: $1,100 including government charges and GST!

After the successful registration, you will get the electronic version of the following documents:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Constitution of the Company
  • Shareholder Certificate
  • Meeting minutes for the establishment of the company
  • Registered information of the shareholders and directors

After the establishment of your company, you will enjoy the following free services:

  • Application for the company’s Business Number (ABN) free of charge
  • Application for the company’s tax file number (TFN) free of charge
  • Registration of the company’s GST and PAYG free of charge

Setting up a Trust

Family Trust and Unit Trust are business structures commonly used in Australia for business or investments. Many people have given up the sole trader or company business structure in favour of a Trust for the tax advantages associated with it.

Setting up a Trust is much more complex than other business structures, so we recommend contacting us to find out the advantages and disadvantages of conducting business through the form of a Trust.

Our price for setting up a trust is $550 including stamp duty and GST (if Trustee Company has been set up).

After your Trust is set up, you will get the following documents:

  • Constitution of the Trust drafted by a solicitor and other relevant legal documents (electronic and professionally bound version)
  • Tax file number for the Trust
  • ABN, GST and employee tax file numbers

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Self-Managed Super Funds are becoming more popular in Australia. A SMSF allows its members to save for retirement and provides financial remuneration after you reach the pension age.

Our Services:

  • Preparation of an annual Balance Sheet
  • Preparation of an annual Profit & Loss Statement
  • Preparation of annual Member Statements
  • Preparation of annual Trustee Resolutions & Minutes
  • Preparation and Lodgement of an SMSF Form F Annual Return
  • Preparation of documentation to supply to external auditors